Terms & Guidelines

1)      Nature of Association - This DLP program is a Music education initiative for people around the world. We invite music lovers to participate in this program, on registration of administration and curriculum charges which empanels them to receive 90 lessons online from guitarmonk. The nature of relationship will be till the tenure of the course.


2)      Confirmation of Registration – Once you have registered for the program. You will receive the written confirmation/email within 14 days of submitting your order and confirmation of payments. We will not be responsible if you fail to receive the written confirmation because you have supplied us with an incorrect email address. The email will contain your roll number and verification of the address of sending the curriculum. On confirmation of the address in the email by you the curriculum will be couriered to your given address within 14 days. The courier details will be emailed to you for reference.


3)      Right to refuse registrations -

 We reserve the right not to fulfill and to cancel registrations:-

 3.1) In the event of obvious inaccuracies in prices, incomplete amount.

 3.2) If we are unable to obtain payment or cheque get bounced.

 4)      Initiation of sessions – Official 90 sessions program will start within a 7 working days from registration date.

We reserve the right not to accept or process your order for any reason. All orders are subject to confirmation of payments.

5)      Delay in delivery and non-delivery or non-receipt

We will not be liable to you for any delay in delivery or non-delivery or non receipt of curriculum when such delay or failure is due to circumstances beyond our control or by courier agents or unavailability of registrant.

6)      Cancellations/Transfer of Registration – This scheme is a limited registrant offer and facility which is neither transferrable nor refundable in any form. However students can cancel/discontinue the service by email confirmation. As this is a sincere learning program that will require sincere participation of student throughout the program cancellation, change of email id, transfer of registration is not permitted. 

7) Terms and Guidelines of Communication 

  1. Students who are not submitting assignments on time are not entitled to receive further sessions and for any communication accountability by the admin within stipulated time (before the immediate next class or as demanded by the teacher or admin).
  2. If a student doesn't answer/reply or communicate back to guitarmonk for any issues or concerns raised by student or guitarmonk within 15 days of the formal date of the issue. Then the guitarmonk will not be responsible nor liable to answer for the particular and relative issue/subject matter. 

8)      Certification of Participation (COP)  Video assignment submission is compulsory which student has to send after every 12 sessions so in all at least you have to send 8 videos on:

  1. What have you learned & liked so far in the particular set of those 12 sessions?
  2. The practical demonstration of the topics that you liked the most.
Proper adherence to our guidelines, successful/right content submission (which includes but not limited to submitting 90 sessions assignments' submission/posting in the forum, submitting at least 16 videos as mentioned above in point (8) will make you commended with the Certificate of Participation from Guitarmonk.


9)      Limitation of Liability – Please note that Guitarmonk liability is only limited to sending you 90 sessions and possible counseling via forum. All queries related to the program will be attended in the forum as per the forum guidelines (Click here to read more). Kindly note that Email being bounced, email reaching spam or any other complaints will be the user’s responsibility. All users must make sure that they have kept our email in the white list. Please note that other support emails, phone numbers will not be liable for such queries except general queries.

10)      Outside India Residents - Fee for the students applying from outside India will have to pay the fee as mentioned in the program details. Curriculum will be sent to you electronically.

11)  Third Party Rights - A person who is not a party to these Terms and Conditions shall have no right under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 to enforce or rely upon any provision of them.

      12)  Governing Law and Jurisdiction - All jurisdictions will be held in Delhi (India) only.

13) Tenure of the Program - Based on the compatibility, practice and assignment submission of the student Guitarmonk will unlock you 2 sessions every week and will simultaneously lock the previous sessions attended by you so as to finish the program learning within the allotted tenure.

All proceedings of the registration via administration, curriculum (if any) are used for benefit of music activity to support art, music and musicians. All students are requested to promote us but must not never post, forward the lessons to avoid the illegal piracy practices.


14)  Termination of Relationship and Violation of Copyrights – Kindly understand that our initiative is a hard-worked initiative. All proceed of the registration via administration, curriculum are used to benefit music activity to support art, music and musicians. All students are requested to promote us but never post, forward the lessons to avoid piracy.

15) If you do not agree with any part of this program terms and conditions and standard program's terms and conditions, please do not register for the program. All the relevant details related to the programs are already mentioned in the FAQ section but still if you have any questions then please contact through email only at info@guitarmonk.com.


16) Maintaining the Sanctity & respect for the program – Students will be disallowed for any further sessions if found to be belittleling, raising judgement, comparing, being superior or humiliating the sanctity, effectiveness, morale & motivation of the content/program.

17) Queries If you have any queries or comments about registration in the program please contact out services team @ info@guitarmonk.com. Students who have registered in the program are allowed to communicate via email info@guitarmonk.com only . Support and program related inquiries/issues are managed by a separate technical team as online only. Students must avoid making telephonic communications to counseling/marketing/pre-registration team for support issues.

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Note that this information may change at any time.