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Mr. Kapil has something to share from his musical experience

Why we started this GUITAR LEARNING INITIATIVE?                                    


There are several reasons behind this initiative and main reasons are massive demand and huge guitar learning gap in territories including metropolitan. Huge territory gaps, which makes it impossible for us to connect to students who are in remote territories and too desperate for knowledge; my loud motivations behind this initiative are-


Painful Experience & Mails of Students Worldwide- We receive several emails from students across worldwide, who are learning guitars from many months and years and ask us for specific tips on and off. They write us 250 to 500 words of an email and further spend hours on internet finding guitar materials without any result. Sometimes we feel depress and helpless and my one of the worst experience is when I came across a girl student email, whose finger are  in pain but her teacher has no idea about why it’s happening for last many months. You can relate the passion of the girl, her months of time on it and the outcome. It’s demotivating for the industry itself.


I always wonder, Is that guitar so much difficult? If yes then how guitarmonk's students can start playing tune in just 4 classes and feel achievement? This was one of the reasons that made us look for concrete solution. It made us desperate to connect information, knowledge to them and offer them a permanent solution.


Moreover whenever we saw the culture of Delhi, it’s too busy, we move to corporate and we convince students that you can learn, we provide them entertainment sessions. And on the contrary a plethora of students worldwide are spending their 100s of hours, time and money for information and right learning. It became our moral responsibility to must connect to those passionate.  


Expensive Learning – Pomposity of Indian Culture and too much expensive music education diving from Europe. Imagining India where an international brand brings the guitar of cost Rs. 1 lakh+ and imagine a teacher that minimum charges Rs. 500/class. Imagine an international curriculum that has no teacher, no Indian aesthetic and Indian music and examination fee of Rs. 4500 for a 15 minutes exam and imagine a 8-12 page book of 850Rs.


And the worst is imagining the parents proudly paying this price for just a tag that says Europe. It’s the height.


Better playing comes with no price and belongs to everyone. We will love to see better playing in streets with a proud of higher learning. There is no comparison here.  
“When Food and Education are no
longer a business…
Hunger and Values will be crime
And there lives a Healthy & Wealthy society…"

Connecting Music Opportunities, Music Benefits to the Masses -


Any music subject, instrument is an ever growing journey. But Music has certain benefits that can be cherished by everyone. This is what guitarmonk MusiKonnect movement is all about to connect musical benefits to the masses.


Secondly, guitarmonk as a movement is holding lots of opportunities in its domain at present and we are searching ways on how these opportunities can be empanelled to music lovers. How these music opportunities can be forwarded to them in the form of musical projects.  


It’s impossible to connect each student personally and connect 1000s of teachers fully trained at every corner of India, competent to inspire, communicate the message, benefits to every kid.


And this rudimentary guitar training is our first mini step towards our guitarmonk mission and vision statement that targets to bring music as a mass utility subject.  


Yes indeed, when cricket bat can be at every home there is no word for guitar music world.

Philosophy behind the Distance Learning Online Programs

There are several reasons, most importantly in context of India regarding weak music education. We have stated several factors, a number of times, in same context which majorly includes –

1.    Lack of professional knowledge by mentors and teachers in remote territories. Music has been so far understood as an unstable profession. This is one of the major factor that music learning and music teaching is unprofessional. No parent invest upon serious music learning, no investor invest upon serious music academy. And the gap rebuilds half knowledge for teachers. The learning demand has risen but supply is awaited. 

2.    Absence of systematic training method, organized college that takes on these regular doubts and requirements of students as well as trainers. Music is a value first and then business and i.e. why investors are least interested to invest upon music schools. This is a profession for music lovers, creativity lovers and foreseers.

3.    International universities are too biased and expensive in two domains i.e. 1) curriculum (purely gospel songs, never heard by Indians) and 2) expensive certification business. That is again not touching masses. India is a market to them and those technocrats are dangerous to Indian musicians and music spirits.

4.    Very handful competent music teachers are ready to serve. Music is more of a status symbol so major focus by those who teach and know music is to share them in specific target earning or glamorous areas. It is also neither not possible for them to be available for everyone who needs them nor are they interested.

5.    Absence of scope, counseling, right path for those who are music passionate.

We receive a plethora of emails where we see a need of organization that can bridge all above gaps and act as a communication centre, a counseling hub that at least channelize this extensive time loss of people via right information and to the right direction.

Problems of a Beginner -

·         Beginners don’t know what they should get or what they are missing both in technical and aesthetical music knowledge

·         They don’t have references, counseling and professional mentor to consult.

A professional education always knows the starting and the ending point of a subject – Fundamental music information that one must not miss etc. This system substitute a teacher availability with best mentor to refer, ask for, consult to and get his perspective in form of guest lectures, online videos, examination, support via a modern scientific management, music education system.

This DLP not only bridge all that gaps but also act as a very important model to regularize music, create employment and sponsor huge social value, social cause and prevent time loss. 

I have not included as yet, a very significant value and point and i.e.

Benefits of Music - Music is not just a hobby, recreation but is a need for today’s society, an actual recreation for everyone, time for peace in panic (Click to know music benefits).


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