How much time do I need to spend with these lessons?

You should try to take out a very little time each day for 5-6 days a week say 15-20 minutes average per day. For example: 3 days where you can devote your time practicing recommended exercise for 10 minutes only and other 3 days where you can devote upto 30 minutes for more deep workout.

It’s always a better combination to divide up your practice and play a little each day and regularly. On the contrary if you try to combine your practice regime on a single day for whole week then it’s not recommended. It will rather risk too much strain on finger muscles and that much effort is not required.

What I will learn in these 90 sessions?

We have described in detail about your learning process and attributes in the document.

You will be completing here 2 grades of guitarmonk as Prelude + Grade – 1. Officially you will be told and taught 50 + tunes, riffs and notes melodies as a part of curriculum but there will be many repertoires  that will be referred and suggested to you which you can also workout on your own.

How will be curriculum sent to me?

Your curriculum will be sent to you via courier at your mentioned address. Please be careful to mention your address clearly to avoid loss of your books.

What are the support areas?

This DLP program has 4 loud features, which should be clearly differentiated from scope –

  1. Curriculum Books
  2. We invite music lovers to participate in this program which empanels them to receive 90 lessons online from guitarmonk mentors.
  3. This service demands just genuine people to participate in the program so that our objective of sincere music learning is achieved.
  4. Certification of participation will be provided if a student fulfill 90 sessions successfully*

Scope Includes – Examination for Prelude, Grade -1 which is to be taken separately by student and is not part of program. After examination, we can empanel guitarmonk graded candidates for updates and opportunities information time to time.

My doubts and questions

2 sessions will visit you weekly on your email. For user-friendly approach these 90 sessions will be shared to you in any of the one or all ways including google groups, facebook.

To answer student question and doubts, posting of questions in the recommended forum is to be done by the student. And questions relative to given lessons will be answered in all on weekly basis.

Moreover in order to keep communication active and in synch with sessions. A standard general date of release of all sessions is considered so that every student problem pertaining to questions can be covered in the answer.

Please note that questions pertaining only to the given lesson will be catered. Although every effort will be taken to answer all the queries but in case if it is missed in the given week then it will be covered ASAP. All the doubts and questions asked or presented or posted in the forum will be catered as collectively. As most of the students doubts will be generalized and will be relevant to other students so their solutions will be combined into one or limited answers, as decided appropriately by the mentors.

We are further inviting moderators, senior teachers, senior students to support each other healthily, the way mentors are supporting you.

The System

Here you will get lessons from the established Guitar Gurus that "comes to your house" and delivers Guitar lessons twice a week.

We call this education system as Contemporary Guitar Lessons Online and it's a 90-lesson e-Course where you will learn exactly how to create, play, and groove!

This Course is split in to two Grades as PRELUDE and GRADE -1

The Prelude online lessons start with very basics of Posture, Anatomy, Warm-ups, Gradual Exercises and contain information that all guitar players must know

It further moves to guitar types, guitar styles, the ideal way, the do’s and don’ts including photos, PDF Documents, AUDIO and VIDEO

Within the beginning 10-15 lessons i.e. one and half months and if you do practice consistently of 20-30 minutes daily, you will be able to play basic tunes and jingles as Happy B’day, Airtel Theme etc.

Furthermore, you will also be able to locate notes, know basic music terminologies progress towards basic strumming and Rhythms.

The online guitar lessons cover a multitude of playing areas including chords, positions, progressions, strumming techniques, terminologies, dexterity exercises and topics such as recording, leading, timing, notes melodies, list of tunes to learn from, building repertoires, knowledge about other instruments and various mature ideas to help you stay fresh, motivated

What will you learn?

You'll Receive TWO ONLINE GUITAR LESSONS PER WEEK full of suggestions, advice, and examples for pushing you to your musical learning in the best way!

So, if you are a beginner, you will learn lots of tunes, and have lots of knowledge after course.

Beside all the theory list and practical tunes information, mentors will show you –

ü  Right methodology and from the very right of basic info and how it’s connected to professional playing area. (Right Education and Its Right App)

ü  How to Ignite your creativity, what benefit does music bring, how and why music brings a life-style difference. It is indeed what they have achieved it.

ü  The very basics of everything, from the petty, tricky musical knowledge to the sophisticated, stylish musical terms. Explaining their musical simplicity with practical application.

ü  Plethora of musical terminologies, exercises, warm-ups and reference articles.

ü  Make you learn scales, strum on guitar chords, play rhythms

ü  Let your learn Songs, Etudes and Notes Melodies

ü  Avoid wastage of time, resource, money in accessing right information rather saving your time and motivating you to the best of knowledge.


How you will learn (Online Guitar Lesson format and structure)

  • You will receive 2 sessions every week
  • You will receive a private access of online web-portal with your individual user id and password.
  • Each lesson in the Beginner series of Guitar Lessons Online is a web page that contains text and a dedicated video,/audio/music sheet as required.
  • Photographs, videos are used wherever required as reference to show hand positions and music notation.
  • Accompanying tracks are provided with some of lessons for you to practice upon.
  • The e-course is structured as step-by-step, with each lesson connected and building to the other.
  • The course is designed for all types of learners, be it aural, visual, textural, logical, slow learner, fast learner etc.
  • This particular guitar course is a ‘Rudimentary and generic’ course i.e. applicable to all musical genres.

Mission Statement

·         Create Opportunity to avail per session cost as absolutely cheaper

·         Overcome Territory gaps in availing Organized Learning, Best mentors guidance, Curriculum etc. Our motto is comfortable learning and luxurious value at mass price.

Our Jury/Artists Members include State Awarded Guitarist, Kapil Srivastava, Mr. Lazarus, Western Classical Expert and other maestros and national awarded artists.

Language English & Hindi,

Process of registration

Ø  Log in by clicking here  and fill the form

Ø  Get your access details and receive your curriculum


Guitarmonk, a complete Education Hub

Serving Guitar learning for last 2 decades

What special about this Guitarmonk Education?

·         Unique and first ever initiative in the country.

·         The DLP programs are available in both Languages as English and Hindi

·         Represented by Guitarmonk Group Units; An established music company and India’s largest music social movement.

·         Offer Music Empanelment opportunity for students, musicians

·         The written curriculum has also defined the exercises, which is present in none other university.

Guitarmonk Group Units loudly constitutes -

·         An established Music Record Label with plenty album to its credits

·         A Publishing house with a plethora of music publishing.

·      A 20 years old education system with more than 3000+ registered guitar students with recognitions and associations across wider territories.

·         MusiKonnect movement, connecting music to the society on diversified musical domains and schemes.

·         Just Dial Music – Musical Gifts and Greetings

·         Green Tunes Social Movement

·         Live Music Concerts and Performances

·         Professional Music Education, Diplomas with guaranteed Music placement

·         Monk Tunes Academy and units including Pianomonk, Flute Monk etc.


For the benefit of the student Guitarmonk acts as a ‘facilitator’ between retailer and the student to avoid student being victim of inferior practices by retailers.  Furthermore, to avail them best price deals, warranty options (if any).  Guitarmonk may volunteer its students to get the right instruments and accessories and may also make arrangements of delivery at diversified locations, residence etc.

All these instruments based services (repair, replacement, change of strings etc) need to be dealt with Vendors only and not Guitarmonk.  All request made to guitarmonk for such Ad-on Services may be only dealt only in special cases and will be chargeable.  For more details email info@guitarmonk.com