Green Tunes

Green Tunes was the beginning of 'Greenery + Music Tunes' combination i.e. Green Tunes. Targeting it towards series of Musical events on different causes, Green tunes successfully conducted events as World Population Day, Water Day, and World Forestry Day with the Green Wealth Message to the society etc.

Green tunes initiatives was taken care by Guitarmonk (India’s 1st Formal Guitar Training College).  The team consists of Guitarmonk Students, Corporate Brands, Sponsors, and Partners etc.  Its prime objectives are –

·         Musically express the social issues to the world by ‘Green Anthems’ & ‘ Social Cause Songs’

·         To build creative platforms for raising social issues and awareness via clubbing corporate and sponsors towards celebration and welfare.

·         Communion of knowledge and efforts through press releases, prints, bulletins, interviews of responsible personalities, industry professionals and experts.

Goal – To PLAY a role and contribution in supporting environment, greenery and social welfare


·         Motivating planting initiatives by individuals, groups, corporate, institutions etc. and further share their ideas, thoughts, opinions, participation and celebration in/with Green Tunes events, musical green anthems.

·         Innovative moves as online signature pledges, bulletin, leaflets distribution explaining about aftermaths and implications of social issues and our responsibility towards it.

·         Creative synergies as Album/Book Releases, Music Therapy album and anti stress music album productions, ringtones etc. 

·         Partnering with Schools, Institutions, and Corporate etc. and taking their feedbacks, contributions in promoting eco-friendly products, employment, competitions and support for NGOs.

Last Major Events that promoted Green Cause were – Forestry Day, Guitarmonk Go Green Movement, Doctor’s Day, Water Day, Earth hour. 

World Forestry Day was a group event partnered by many corporate brands, schools, real estate groups, malls, publishing houses for planting drive at different locations of Delhi-NCR. The drive was complemented by Guitarmonk Students who sang various Green songs at different locations with Flags of ‘Green Belt’. The movement was finally closed at India Gate in the Eve, covered by various print media.

Free Gift coupons and refreshments were offered to all volunteers.