Guitarmonk Walk is full of fun, pleasures and life style and thus we undertake guitar competitions for all our internal students and motivate them with results, celebration and achievements to bridge all gaps and aesthetic to their learning.

A healthy life consists of healthy competitive spirits and above all the competition is with none, it’s with self indeed. This is what guitarmonk competition are made of, where we aspire to create a loving family and bonding among students.

Guitarmonk competitions happen at every grade and welcome all guitarmonk students to participate in it and showcase their some talent on the stage. It not only allows them stage exposure but also inspire them for higher learning and sense of fulfillment.

Furthermore Guitarmonk has organized several competitions at diversified platforms, podiums and mentored inter-state competitions, inter-college/school competitions to motivate many guitar lovers. Some of the previous competitions included -

·         Amity Inter College Competition                           (Click Here)

·         Delhi University Inter College competition              (Click Here)

·         Inter-school Competitions @ Cambridge Noida        (Click Here)

·         Inter School Competitions @ Krishna Nagar Branch  (Click Here)