About Guitarmonk

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Guitarmonk is the country’s popular music brand, a company, a 360 degree music concept, comprising Music Record Label, Publishing, Gifting and Chain of Guitar Schools.

Guitarmonk is also recognized with State Award in the field of music excellence. Guitarmonk exist with the motto of

  • Preservation of Arts i.e. record, promote, publish and distribute the definitive arts works.
  • Free Music Education and its benefits in rehabilitation of society.
  • Create social campaigns in generating awareness about various socio-health issues.
  • Serving Employment, Self-employment, Training, Promotions opportunities for art, music sector.

Vision Statement

To cater music as a Consumable Product, as a part of our daily/regular human lives & life styles

Mission Statement

Service beyond boundary & personal care to our customers, we share our homework so that one can represent us & get an opportunity to go beyond & benefit more than what he/she wants.

Core Value

Guitarmonk symbolizes the spirit that lives music, the one who achieve God through his guitar or subject.


Started in the year 2003 with its publication and album production unit and ventured in to Music education by year 2007 and specialized greeting and gifting services in the year 2010.

Guitarmonk as a 360 degree music concept pioneered several business models in almost every dimension of music involving Events, Gifting, Publishing, Education, Corporate Education, Albums, Meditation Albums, Retail, Special Curriculum and benchmarked several successful pilots in the music industry creating a pavement for newbie.

India’s Largest Music Social Movement

Guitarmonk contributed plethora of events on various social cause for last more than half a decade. It included numerous philanthropic and social awareness campaigns, exhibitions, festivities etc. with more than 100 events in year 2009 & 2010. Some of the unique movements include Doctor’s Day, Population Day, and Forestry Day etc. and went as long as 2 weeks and more. For more details on event please click event blog or download profile.


The Guitarmonk philosophy is an amalgamation of two words ‘guitar’ + ‘monk’ is symbolic with the passion & spirit of a monk to an artist, and his ever persistent commitment to achieve the wholesomeness in life.

Guitarmonk philosophy also bridge east and west, modern and traditional gaps as together in its two words of ‘guitar’ and ‘monk’.

Guitarmonk’s philosophy reflects and inspires persistence and value system inside an artist or individual with his domain or subject. Guitarmonk spirit strengthens the artistic power and inspires a strong belief and positivity to the struggling community who aspire for stability, employment and bread and butter. It motivates the artistic spirit into a unity, from self-centered approach (Individual growth) to a collective whole (Organization Growth) and transpiring the same value in to the society as a whole.

Guitarmonk forms a concept, value, and a new faith that brings new opportunities, new avenues for promotion, learning, expression, recognition, lifestyle and business in the music industry. Create new benchmarks in the music industry/economy with music as a serious/sincere profession and career choice.

Guitarmonk Group Units

  • GM Records
  • Abysm Publishing
  • Just Dial Music
  • GM Musicals
  • Pianomonk
  • Sitar Dynasty
  • Guitarmonk Entertainment Private Limited

Parent Units:

  • Monk Tunes Academy


  • Guitarmonk Corporate
  • MusiKonnect
  • Ras Rang
  • Green Tunes
  • Chip Strings
  • Guitarmonk Events