Complete Program

Complete Recreational Program

It has been specially designed for those who want a constructive guitar understanding

A benefit course Recommended to all Hobby Players and Even Sincere learners

  • Technical Eligibility: Not Required
  • Advised for Beginner/Fresher/Corporate/Students/Professionals
  • This course is composed to deliver maximum information, recreation and playability, standardization, knowledge considering international parameters for the subject.
  • This course is also complementary in group sessions, infotainment sessions as Workshops in corporate to explore sufficient and standard level of information about the subject.
  • This course is an awesome opportunity for Beginner’s to expect a performance, standard music level, quality exposure, professional achievement, artistic satisfaction, learning and Certification.


  • Duration: 80 Hours/40 Sessions
  • Total Sessions: 40 sessions of 2 hours each
  • Period: 10 months
  • No. of Sessions/Week : 1 session/Week
  • Batch Strength: Not more than 10 students/batch.
  • 4 Grades level as Prelude, Grade - 1, Grade - 2, Grade - 3
  • 1 Customized 10 songs module on student's personal choice based on relative levels and genres
  • Complete Basics of Music Theory, Music Terminologies, Notation, Scales, Rhythms and their types etc
  • Plethora of Jingles/Tunes/Compositions to have fun with.
  • Other facility associated with this benefit course as curriculum, free guitar and guitar kit, video support, quality mentors, certificate etc


  • You will get the sessions from professional and specialized guitarist, Mr. Kapil Srivastava (refer profile)
  • Course is split into 5 levels viz. 4 grades and 1 personalized module
  • Course starts as very basics of Posture, Anatomy, warm-ups, dexterity and exercises and contains information that all guitar players must know.
  • From basics of Indian Notation Method to staff basics and western classical terminologies, the system will cover multitude of topics including chords, positions, progression, strumming techniques, dexterity exercises, notes melodies, jingles, compositions and plethora of ideas to make your learning both fun-filled and sincere.
  • Moreover as you will have 2 hours session per week so it will keep your mood, mind, finger muscles persistently active and in flow of learning.

4 curriculum grade books with Audio CD, 1 refresher book, 1 Repertoire curriculum, Online Registration for Video/Audios of lessons and Free Guitar + Guitar kit/ Accessories.

  • You will have a complete standard music and guitar knowledge and you will learn and play lots of tunes.
  • Be Independent after the Workshop to the creative music world and playing your own music.
  • Read Music and build your own repertoire.
  • Start your cultural group and performance
  • Give a performance, prepare for a music ensemble of 30 minutes at least.
  • 100 of compositions, riffs, etudes, note melodies as part of your program.
  • You will also be competent to teach your family and friends as you would have attained a right, basic training level.
  • Make Ring-tones, Record Your Tunes, Write your Songs
  • Be accessible to musical world and different genres
  • And much more.. 
  • You can download the prospectus and mentor's profile for details and can contact us for installment option