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Forum Rules



·        To create respect for everyone, get participated in forum discussion; avoid racial discrimination, abuses, illegal behavior and pollution of any kind.

·         Moreover to be genuine, honest and respectful to sentiments of others and objective of the forum.

·         No registered user can operate to account with a pseudo name.


OBJECTIVE OF THE FORUMTo help registrants in learning of beginner’s guitar and rudiments of music


You can get help and help others in this forum via posting questions, doubts, video, mp3 etc.



Only registered user can participate in the forum


In order to keep the forum clean, neat and informative to fulfill the objective, forum moderators and administrators organize its content and keep watch of the threads and holds full authority to modify, edit, move or erase without notice of any message that are off-topic, coarse, offensive, unlawful and violating the objective of the forum. Moreover it can further suspend users who don’t respect the rules of the forum.


Failure to respect the rules of the forum by the registrant can devoid of registrant of such facility by authority leading to deletion of account. Any further mal practice can also be reported to law. The reasons behind any measures taken by the moderators must not be the object of public discussion on the forum. Any criticisms, advice or suggestions should be made solely by private message or email.


II Rules of Behavior

The Guitarmonk forum provides firm guidelines in order to ensure high quality and a fruitful exchange of views 

Content of messages
• Please don’t mention any email address or telephone number in your public posts, only communicate them via private communication or through moderators considering Registrant Privacy Policy agreement. Any Email addresses and telephone numbers posted by you will be deleted by the moderators. 
• Keep forum in Standard English format and you should not misuse capital letters. Keep your messages in sentence case, so capital should only be used at the beginning of a sentence or for a name. Moreover please don’t use repetition of expressions, characters etc. Moderators will modify or remove them without notice. This is purely for making communication easy and neatness.  
• Moderators will also remove duplicated posts without notice.
• No Marketing or donations messages are accepted and allowed.
• Please keep in not the message limit/size and signature size.  
• Be careful to choose subject properly so that it assist us to answer your question. You should never use unclear or mis-directed words as “URGENT", "HELP", or "???". Subject matter should be clear.

• Please read the notices so that an unrelative message posting can be avoided