Kapil is an author and a music educationist/ trainer with a philosophical and creative bend of mind who has conceptualized varied leading

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concepts, primarily for the music industry. An Owner of the group of companies and founder of one of the famous concepts – Guitarmonk, Kapil is also working into various education and research based areas for the masses in both social and creative dimensions.

Kapil started his career as a ‘guitarist’ but ventured into music productions, conceptualizing, music education system with a vision to evolve a music concept and a business model that connects the mass.

As an entrepreneur, he designed several music business models exclusive for corporate, schools and business people explaining ROI in music sector. His models are even designed for people who have no inclination in music but profitability.  With more than 15 years of experience and persistence in music domain, Kapil has achieved several milestones as -


Executed the highest CD sales project of 2, 70,000 CDs in education domain, which was a National milestone in sales other than the music industry. (Same quantity of sales is executed in subsequent year as well).

More than half decade of experience in direct sales, concepts, concept marketing of Entertainment Cards, Resorts & Condominiums.

Received Teacher’s state award in the year 2007 as Best Guitar Trainer by Smt. Shiela Dixit

Recognition/Awards by Federation of Schools, Rotary Clubs, Sa Re Ga Ma (HMV), Amity, Medical Colleges etc.

His Musical Achievements

Kapil Composed several title tracks, ringtones and background music for diversified clients as Doordarshan, Sa Re Ga Ma, GM Records, Mobile and Gaming Industries etc.

Conceptualized and Produced 12 Albums on definitive arts available at major planet-M and music world stores across the world. Special Series as Swaras, Swarang, Kayotsarg on Classical, Folk and Meditation music (

As a Guitarist he also worked in two Albums with Sa Re Ga Ma, HMV as

  • Delhi Underground
  • Session Musician in Album “Lady Chatterjee”. Television video debut for song title as “Pyar aur Dosti”.

His one of the composition is also a part of upcoming Bollywood Movie ‘Dubai Returns’ starring Irfan Khan

Performed Guitar at various domains/genres including platforms as Doordarshan, T-Series, & Guitarmonk Records.
Mr. Kapil has been covered by diversified Media which primariliy involves NDTV, 9X, HT, TOI and more >>Click here for details

Trainer, Author & Counselor

  • Have written 5 books on guitar including famous book as step by step beginner’s guide to Spanish Guitar, coming with special curriculum and course on ‘Ragas on Guitar Strings’
  • Designed separate curriculums for corporate, schools and centres (
  • Written Satire Articles for India Today Group and Platform Magazines. And contributed many social concept and visions in relation to the music as Just Dial Music, Emotions and Celebration Services etc.
  • Taught kids age 3 years to 60+ years to research technical development requirements of a student which got further incorporated in guitarmonk curriculums as – Daily Technical development reports, feedbacks, poll questions, test, Repertoires, Finger Dexterity books etc.
  • As a counselor he is redefining and influencing social music perception in a modern way.

Upcoming Albums

  • As a guitarist – ‘Indian Guitaroo’
  • As a Producer – Ustad Sultan Khan 40th Album