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FYI, Guitarmonk is counted as one of India’s Largest Music Social Movement and exist with the prime motto of :


·         Preservation of definitive arts i.e. record, promote, publish and distribute the definitive arts works.

·         Free Music Education and its benefits in rehabilitation of society.

·         Social awareness on social issues

Guitarmonk contributed plethora of events on various social cause for last more than half a decade. It included numerous philanthropic and social awareness campaigns, exhibitions, festivities etc. with more than 100 events in year 2009 & 2010. Some of the unique movements include Doctor’s Day, Population Day, and Forestry Day etc. and went as long as 2 weeks and more.

Guitarmonk has recorded more than 20 Music Albums on definitive arts and published 15+ books on various music subjects.
Guitarmonk holds more than 100+ business verticals and have pioneered a plethora of music business models for the industry.
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